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Kestrel Search is an
Executive Search company.
We never advertise.
Instead we specialise
in the recruitment
of senior level talent
by researching
and headhunting
those highly sought-after
individuals who are
difficult to secure through
conventional methods.
Our no find/no fee approach
and pace of delivery are
compelling propositions
in the headhunter market.

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Candidate quotes

“The approach was structured over a series of phone calls, no pressure was applied to make a decision one way or another until enough information was shared to make an informed decision.”

“You approached me with a relevant and interesting role that matched my
experience . . .”

“I really appreciated your professionalism, specifically in terms of your initial approach to me and the representation of your client, the pre-interview preparation, and the debriefing throughout the process. Not forgetting the support in terms of negotiating my final remuneration package.”

“I found the initial approach was handled with respect and integrity for the client and the candidate . . .”

“Your professionalism and responsiveness was consistent throughout, and I would have no hesitation in working with you in the future.”

“The open and honest nature of discussion about both my suitability for the role and the client’s suitability for my needs was a breath of fresh air . . .”

What do clients say about Kestrel Search?

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